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Marine and offshore, Southern Contracts have over 45 years of experience

Commercial and Industrial Equipment by sector

Laundry Equipment

Laundry Equipment

Southern Contracts supply laundry equipment to residential care homes , nursing homes, sheltered housing associations, across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset. The range of laundry equipment...

Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment

Southern Contracts supply catering equipment to residential care homes, nursing homes, sheltered housing associations across the UK. The range of catering equipment for nursing homes...

Electrical Floor Cleaning Equipment

Electrical Floor Cleaning Equipment

Southern Contracts are industrial floor cleaning equipment suppliers to the Sheltered Housing and Care sectorindustry. Supplying a wide range of commercial floor cleaning equipment to...

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Care Sector & Sheltered Housing

We cater for the specific needs of the care sector, including supply to many sheltered housing associations, care homes and NHS trusts.

Effective, deep cleaning is at the heart of efficient care and we offer a range of equipment optimised to keep the environment clean. Floor, carpets and upholstery are kept pristine by a comprehensive range of quality equipment and brands, complemented by all necessary cleaning chemicals and polishes, while we offer laundry machines optimised to removing heavy soiling efficiently. We also offer hospital colour coded janitorial hardware to correspond to housekeeping requirements.

We supply a full range of small load, semi-commercial laundry machines optimised to the needs of in-house ‘self-help’ laundrettes, complete with wall poster operating instructions that minimise staff involvement and maximise equipment efficiency. These machines are designed as energy efficient, ‘green’ machines that reduce environmental impact and operating costs resulting from heavy use.

Kitchens equally need constant updating, so if you need a new commercial microwave, refrigerator or dishwasher to fit into your existing set-up we can arrange replacement machines quickly and easily...

For more details see our Detergents and Chemical Supplies section

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