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Polar research ship RSS Sir David Attenborough galley fitting

Polar research ship RSS Sir David Attenborough galley fitting


Southern Contracts is excited to announce that they have been contracted to supply the Laundry and Marine Catering equipment for a new £200million Polar Research Ship currently under construction by the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead.  This ship will be in service in 2019 and named after the famous English veteran broadcaster and naturalist – Sir David Attenborough.  It will be operated by the British Antarctic Survey and will provide the UK with the most advanced floating research fleet in the world and will conduct research into the world's oceans and help to tackle climate change.

With this new Polar Research Ship, time at sea can last up to 60 consecutive days and with a capacity to look after over 90 crew members it is paramount that it is equipped with Catering and Laundry equipment that meets the rugged needs of working in a harsh marine environment.   

There is a great video on British Antarctic Survey YouTube channel of the Building of RRS Sir David Attenborough: Launch, you can watch to learn more about the polar research ship.

Catering for a large number of crew members is a task in itself, but having reliable, durable, high-performance equipment makes the job in hand a little easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, when fitting out a ship like the RSS David Attenborough these factors will need to be taken into consideration.

The galley kitchen needs to be compact and efficient for optimum utilization of available space and considering the nature of this polar research ship and the inclement voyages it will take, the galley in this ship needs to be tough and rigid.  There is an increased demand for movement resistant and fixed light-weight galley equipment in ships, this type of equipment makes use of various overhead cabins and compact fixtures to offer optimum storage capacity and capability.

Modern ships are constructed in blocks

With the large number of crew members, their work wear can often be dirtied with various elements; therefore, washing machines must have a wash action that is tough enough to remove various types of soiling.   It is also essential that this equipment is durable enough to work around the clock to keep up with demand in this working environment, with cost effective processes, easy maintenance and flexible programs. 

Crew laundry requirements of arctic wearThe Laundry Facility onboard a vessel like RSS David Attenborough, needs to be designed with a number of factors in mind. A properly designed, well run on-site laundry facility with the right laundry equipment can contribute towards significant savings. This equipment can also benefit from the diverse programmability of the machinery controls, and the ozone-cleaning technology to reduce utilities and save on valuable wash water. Certain problems such as space, no external venting, air movement in the laundry and different voltages and frequencies can be overcome with the right equipment installed. With the overall compact design of the machines, it allows for larger-capacity machines in smaller spaces; compact washer and dryer units can be combined in a stacked marine arrangement to occupy a small space, condenser tumble dryers which can self-drain, also some dryers can be 'room sealed' which will not affect the air handling system and finally lower voltage machines are available.


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