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New lowest cost per wash Electrolux Line 5000 industrial laundry equipment launched

New lowest cost per wash Electrolux Line 5000 industrial laundry equipment launched


Southern Contracts is the Dorset and South Coast UK distributor for the new ElectroluxProfessional Line 5000.

This range of Industrial laundry equipment has been specially designed to meet both the high cost saving demands and infection control from commercial washing machines needed in hospitals and care sector laundries. The Line 5000 range of commercial washing machines, industrial tumble dryers and washer extractors are available from Southern Contracts and would also suit hotels, leisure premises and schools. The overall benefits of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000 range are simplest, most efficient, and most cost-effective washer and dryer solutions, as this Electrolux video on YouTube will show you.

The new Line 5000 range offers the lowest cost per wash, unrivalled reliability, durability, and flexibility to meet customer needs.

  • built-to-last equipment
  • a quick return on investment through lower running costs per wash
  • savings in energy, water, detergent and time
  • full control over every part of the laundry process
  • green thinking
  • commitment to continued sustainability
  • made to be 95% recyclable
  • components need less maintenance
  • quieter, faster operations
  • better water extraction
  • lower drying costs like the Electrolux T5290
  • a better balanced drum means less wear and tear on the machine
  • uses less water and energy for wash cycles like the W555H Washing machine
  • But while Line 5000 helps lower operational costs and cut the environmental footprint, it has not compromised on quality
  • 50% in water savings for half load
  • shorter drying time
  • 50% savings in running costs
  • process monitoring system allowing users to control and document all operations to achieve ultimate hygiene and cleanliness
  • offering cost savings for medium soiled garments
  • faster time cycles for lightly soiled garments
  • top results for tough stains


Our team of qualified Service Technicians can arrange a site survey and advise laundry professionals and Care Sector Laundry Managers on the improvements in product mechanics, maintenance and installation of the new Electrolux Line 5000. The laundry equipment comes in a range of sizes, such as, washer extractor models starting at a weight capacity of 6 kg/13 lb and going up to 60 kg/135 lb, and the tumble dryer capacities range from 13 kg/30 lb to 37.5 kg/82.7 lb.

All the Electrolux washers and Electrolux tumble dryers on the Southern Contracts website are Line 5000. Give us a call or use the online commercial equipment advice contact form Telephone: 44 (0)1202 422100 E-Mail:


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