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Miele Perfromance Plus redefines benchmark in 13-18Kg washing machines

Miele Perfromance Plus redefines benchmark in 13-18Kg washing machines


Top-class performance and economy

With the PERFORMANCE range, Miele Professional has redefined the benchmark in the 13 –18 kg load size category. These machines achieve excellent wash results whilst offering short cycles, and great energy efficiency. Machines from the PERFORMANCE PLUS range are the ideal choice for users expecting top-class performance and efficiency.

Profitronic D controls provide programmes catering for the entire spectrum of laundry care requirements. A text display and 6 direct-access buttons facilitate ease of use and fast programme selection. The most frequently used programmes are assigned to buttons 1–6 and are accessible at the touch of a single button. Further programmes are accessed by pressing and holding button 6. Important parameters  such as temperature and spin speed can be selected manually before the start of each programme. Similarly, current load sizes can be entered to reduce water, energy and detergent consumption accordingly.

Miele PW8 Washing machine

Uncompromising performance and flexibility

With their innovative technology, our new PERFORMANCE PLUS machines are the clear benchmark when it comes to performance, efficiency, quality and ergonomics. Profitronic M controls offer users a multitude of application-specific programme packages and full flexibility in customising programmes. This allows maximum economic operation and efficiency. In addition to the text display and direct-access buttons, the dial selector ensures fast and simple navigation and programme selection.

Your laundry carefully looked after

The new design of the drum ribs enables water to be applied to the laundry intensively and rapidly from above. They also have additional slots to collect soil. This, together with the structure of the patented honeycomb drum 2.0 allows the laundry to glide gently on a film of water, protecting fabrics.

PERFORMANCE PLUS washing machines have the EcoSpeed feature.

Changes in drum speed, with intermittent shower and compression phases, are repeated several times over, ensuring perfect wash performance. 

Suds container with improved fluid flow properties The newly designed suds container closely hugs the inner drum, and the entrance to the sump with its heater elements is gently curved. This permits very low water levels, resulting in considerable savings: PERFORMANCE PLUSwashing machines require around 20% less water and 30% less energy* than the previous generation. 

*Cottons 60oC, PW6xx7 model series


Simple installation by design

Easy access to installation site thanks to compact measurements and a palletiser access plinth The external dimensions of the washing machines (width x depth) were chosen from the outset with a door width of 800 - 900 in mind. Furthermore, the machine plinth allows the use of a palletiser. Without any disassembly, transportation is fast and uncomplicated. 


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