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Food safety and preservation performance from Electrolux Refrigeration

Food safety and preservation performance from Electrolux Refrigeration


Electrolux Professional Refrigeration have developed the ecostoreHP Refrigerated Counters range.

Food safety and preservation performance leads the competition.

Some of the benefits:
  • Energy consumption
  • Food preservation performances
  • Real usable space
  • Cut food waste
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks great and is easy to install 

What you will want to know about ecostore:

Temperature in the chamber remain constant guaranteeing the correct food preservation.

Provide accurate data on real annual energy consumption; based on a standard testing methodology that simulate the real usage of the refrigerator.

The real ability of the product to correctly preserve the food.

Real usable capacity.
extrA capacity Store more food. 50 extra  liters of net volume means 20% more storage than comparable counters.

Reduced energy bill thanks to top class in energy efficiency
  • 3 doors refrigerated counter uses 560 kWh in one year
  • 9 euro per month energy bill
  • The equivalent of a 60 Watt bulb

Designed to be energy efficient; from the wall insulation to the refrigeration gas, a less aggressive and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas refrigerants.

Electrlux Ecostore
Evenly cold air anywhere in the chamber.

Smart defrost function to minimise frequency and duration.

Designed to maintain the desired food temperature during frequent door opening 
and at heavy duty conditions.

Humidity Control, 3 levels of humidity allow to create the best preservation conditions within the refrigerated chamber.

optiflow smart air circulation even in the hottest kitchens

EcostoreHP counter needs only frontal ventilation still guaranteeing performances  in climatic CLASS 5.
No need for additional opening on the sides and back.

3 doors refrigerated counters competitors

Designed for Less time for cleaning.
The wired frame structure of the Clean-free condenser avoid dust and grease build-up.
Rounded corners and easy to remove internal fittings.
Electrlux Ecostore

Fully removable cooling unit for easy maintenance

All components easily can be easily reached from the front

The counters have a wide range of sizes and number of compartments, with or without top, splashback, remote unit, saladette.

Electrolux offer excellence with the environment in mind.and are 100% quality tested by experts


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