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Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines help businesses save energy, water and money

Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines help businesses save energy, water and money


Southern Contracts can help businesses save more money, energy and water by choosing to buy an Electrolux Commercial Washing Machine.
At the time of writing this news, Electrolux washing machines are the only commercial laundry equipment manufacturer to have been listed and approved for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme. The ECA scheme is designed to encourage businesses to invest in water saving technologies. The ECA water scheme is managed by the Defra and HM Revenue & Customs, (HMRC) in partnership with AEA Technology, who manage the scheme on behalf of Defra and is a Carbon Trust initiative.

Efficient commercial and industrial washing machines are named in the Water Technology List. All Electrolux commercial washing machines from Southern Contracts meet the strict energy-saving criteria to be on the ECA Water Technology List (WTL). The Energy Technology List (ETL) is managed on behalf of The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) by the Carbon Trust. HMRC is responsible for tax related aspects of the ECA scheme and is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change.

Commercial washing machines, industrial washing machines and washer extractors are machines which clean and rinse laundry, like clothes, tablecloths, bedclothes, towels, and other textiles, or items, using water, chemical, mechanical, and thermal means; water is extracted by a spin extraction and are capable of washing greater loads than domestic type machines.
The benefits for water consumption conscious business are as follows:  
Reduced water bills because water efficient commercial washing machines consume less water during washing and rinsing than normal washing machines, without compromising wash performance.

Reduced energy consumption by using an efficient commercial washing machine means lower energy bills over the long term. 

Cut operating costs like utility costs and materials, maintenance though increased efficiency of the Electrolux commercial washing machines.

Water efficiency from WTL-approved Electrolux commercial washing machines provides tax relief on investments in energy saving products because investment in efficient commercial and industrial washing machines qualifies for an ECA. 
The benefit of first year tax relief will help reduce the time needed to repay investment costs. An ECA, business can write off the entire cost of buying a new, qualifying water-efficient commercial washing machine against taxable profits in the year of purchase
Improve the green credentials of a business, in-line with a corporate environmental policy, by making a positive contribution to environmental protection. A reduced carbon footprint is a positive publicity message for stakeholders.

Peace of mind; buying an ECA approved Electrolux commercial washing machine from Southern Contracts provides certainty that the chosen product should perform well. 

Southern Contracts has a well established team of qualified Service Technicians available and ready for site surveys and machine installations. 

Southern Contracts is actively involved in sourcing water efficient industrial cleaning equipment technologies. Some years ago Southern Contracts became committed to being involved with supplying Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved commercial laundry equipment. 
Southern Contracts’ Sales Team and Service Technicians are in regular discussion with semcorp, formerly Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Plc, about sustainable water use.

If you are interested in saving money for your business in the Marine and Offshore, Hotels and Leisure, Care Sector, Local Authority, Marinas, Building and Architects sectors then please contact Southern Contracts on 01202 422100 or email our Team and we will arrange a convenient chat about your requirements.


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