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Pressure turned up on Water Regulations!

Pressure turned up on Water Regulations!


Southern Contracts Sales Team and Service Technicians recently met with Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Plc. to discuss procedures associated with the supply and installation of commercial washing machines.

Adam Elphinstone, Sales Manager, Southern Contracts, was concerned about the availability of non Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved commercial laundry appliances, being made available for use in the UK Home Market, especially via the internet.  Also, clarification was required by Southern Contracts Service Technicians regarding the legality of installing and repairing such equipment.

The scheme has some ambitious goals, like promoting knowledge, advising, consulting, developing criteria for testing fittings and materials to assess compliance and publication of an Approved Contractors Register. The scheme brings Government, professional, trade, fittings and materials manufacturers and Water Suppliers together to tackle improvements in waste, consumption and contamination.

Southern Contracts had a most informative discussion in February 2011, when the Regulations Manager, Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Plc. clarified the regulations and discussed installation and service matters.

It was agreed that a close working relationship between Southern Contracts and Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water would guarantee the best possible advice and that only ‘approved installations’ would be made available to prospective customers. Southern Contracts is proud to be involved in this worthwhile scheme for improvements.

You can view the wide range of Southern Contracts Commercial Washing Machines and Laundry Equipment. Please call Hugh on 01202 422100 to discuss how your organisation or local authority will benefit from an WRAS approve installation.


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