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Eco-friendly way to wet-clean clothing on cruise ships

Eco-friendly way to wet-clean clothing on cruise ships


What is a frequently asked question about going on a Saga cruise? Are there laundry facilities? Well, the Saga Cruise Ship MV Saga Sapphire can certainly boast not only a great laundry system but they now offer an eco-friendly way to clean clothing.

Back in June 2013 Southern Contracts supplied their first Electrolux Lagoon® system to a Saga Cruise Ship. What makes this professional laundry product eco-friendly is that it is a safer cleaning method and a greener alternative called wet-cleaning. The Lagoon® system basically replaces a conventional dry cleaning system, eliminating the use of chemicals that are a problem to store, dispose of and can have adverse health risks for the operators.

Southern Contracts has a long history of globally supplying and fitting out industrial washing machines for the Marine Industry.
industrial washing machines for the Marine Industry.

Our Engineers are experts in ship fit-out and recommending the ideal laundry equipment recommending the ideal laundry equipment and solutions to fit any sized laundry and consideration given to streamlining equipment layout, space optimisation or workstation organisation. This approach matches the benefits of the Electrolux Lagoon® system, which are the excellent control systems, exceptional residual moisture control, frequency motor control, integrated cool-down function, dedicated range of external dispensers, finishing equipment, which eliminates the need for off-site subcontracting.

Wet-cleaning is incredibly effective for professionally cleaning all kinds of fabrics and textiles. It less dependent on the need for harsh chemicals makes it an eco-friendly choice but without affecting the superior cleaning and stain removing results.

The Electrolux Lagoon® wet-cleaning system is suitable for the laundering of workwear or uniforms. It is efficient at cleaning textiles such as wool blankets, thick bed quilts and pillows, big duvets and curtains. Wet-cleaning gets better results than dry-cleaning on PVC-lined garments and finer fabrics with sequins, leather and suede. The whites stay white and it keeps colours bright.

Wet-cleaning in comparison to dry-cleaning is
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for the clothes
  • Fresher smelling
  • Fabrics are softer to the touch
  • Colours appear brighter
  • Whites are more brilliant

Since the increased growth of the cruising market in 2010, Hugh Elphinstone was promoted to oversee Southern Contracts’ cruising market customers Southern Contracts’ cruising market customers. Please contact us Southern Contracts’ cruising market customersif you are interested in finding out more about Electrolux Lagoon® system.

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